5 days into 2013.

Time flies really fast these days, too fast, perhaps?

It feels like just yesterday that we were preparing for Christmas, but the 12 days is almost over and we’re already 5 days in to the new year; not to mention it’s already the first weekend of 2013. Really?


I’ve been trying to make the most out of everyday. I want to live in such a way that, if my life were a novel, there won’t be a single boring day. Saturdays are meant for sleeping in just a wee bit longer. :)


“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.” Neil Gaiman, The Sandman vol.9: The Kindly Ones.

The transition from being in a hopeless holiday mood back to work is not an easy one, I’ve been trying to come up with new designs every day to beat the holiday bug. And if you haven’t heard, I’ll be launching The Perpetual Spring’s “Luxe Editions” next week! :)

My first paper flower bouquet is sitting pretty in my room, with a slight hint of Vera Wang’s “Princess” fragrance. Wouldn’t you want these in your home? They last a lot longer than fresh blooms, and have a softer, warmer feel than artificial flowers. Did I mention you can use them as fresheners with a tiny spritz of perfume? *grin


“Someday”, she said. “Someday, I’ll meet you in a pretty white dress & a bouquet of pastel flowers in my hand.”

A league above paper bouquets, the satin blooms. I’ve wanted to go into weddings since like forever. It’d be great if I could use my own wedding as a try out but no, not anytime soon for me. If you know anyone who needs anything at all for a wedding, and would like to try something different from store bought bouquets, please feel free to drop me an email. (jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com)

Corsages, bridal bouquets, money boxes, ring pillows, floral hair accessories for the bridesmaids, I’d love to try them all! Really!

Teal bouquets for a Tiffany-themed wedding, perhaps?


We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved.” – Brandi Snyder

This week tons of stuff arrived for me! (Partly cos I’ve been OD-ing on retail therapy) My latest online order from Cotton On, sponsored products from Bioré and Organix, and then there was this mysterious package that was oddly light. To my absolute surprise, it was a bunny from one of my regular customers, Ronelle.


The package arrived when I was working on this fabric flower, so naturally I had to pin it on the bunny for a snapshot!


She even wrote me a thank you note; to be honest I was on the verge of tearing. It’s just the little things like these, you know? It makes you feel like you are actually appreciated for what you do, even if someone else doesn’t. There will always be people who will stand behind you and be that push you need sometimes, there are people who will always have faith in you even when you’re at your lowest. We just need to believe it, and more importantly, believe in ourselves.

To others it might be just a stuffed toy, but it’s really the thought and the effort that counts. I guess working doubly hard through the festive period to meet all those orders paid off after all. Which reminds me of another bunch of customers, but I’ll save that for later. I’m just thankful to have such warm customers to work with.

LOVE YOU ALL! And for that I promise even more awesome stuff in 2013! :)


The harshness that is the reality of life. Admit it, we’ve all felt hopeless at some point. If you noticed, Snowy’s heavy paws actually do a pretty good job keeping the page down! Who said stuffed toys are only for kids, huh?


And of course, Fifi. Resident cutie pie and my “in-house model”, occasionally. What a face, I still wish toys could come alive. Oh, imagine all the fun we’d have! Imaginary friends, they never leave.

2013 has been pretty good so far I reckon, apart from stabbing my finger yesterday and burning myself two days ago, everything else is looking rather peachy. I’ll be doing another post soon about how to get the most out of your shopping, DIY style. Now let me go hunt down some new shoes to match all my new threads! Later! xx

Bunny Trouble!

This little rascal cost me quite a bunch of nerves last weekend!

So it was Sunday and I was attending bYSI’s exclusive bloggers’ tea party at ION Orchard when I got a text from daddy saying Baileys isn’t eating, drinking or moving around. My heart dropped, and I didn’t know what to do… He’s usually the hyperactive, noise making, scampering bunny. For him to be just sitting or lying around, wasn’t a good thing.

So I had to scrap dinner plans I made earlier, rushed down to church for mass and then made a mad rush home to make sure he was still well, alive…

I got nervous opening the main door, hoping to see him get up like he usually does when I come home, but nope, he just lifted his head slightly before going back down… It was Sunday, no vets were still open, so I put him out in the playpen while we had dinner. He still wasn’t moving much so we scooted off to Pet Lover’s at Northpoint to see if they could do anything… He seemed fine in the car tho, he kept sticking his head out of his carrier…

No verdict, just possibilities. Maybe his teeth were too long, maybe he had a furball… He got his nails cut tho… At least it wasn’t exactly a wasted trip. He got a little better when we got home. I sat with him in the playpen trying to force feed him with some “stress pack formula” and managed to feed him some vege leaves.

Monday, contemplated taking him to the vet, but he seemed to be getting better. He started pooping but it was runny, I know you’re supposed to consider runny bunny poo an emergency but it was a risk I took to wait it out abit longer. We managed to get him to eat more vege leaves and I managed to get him to eat pineapple. I googled a lot and pineapple was a possible “cure”.

And guess what? He took a nap and within an hour of eating the pineapple, poop appeared!!! Not runny poooo! It was smaller than usual but it was a good sign. I’m glad I didn’t go to the vets, it would have cost me at least $100 straight up.

Next day he was back to normal, although still being picky with his food, but he was back to running and jumping around. It’s been a week and he’s back to his old mischievous self again!

Thanks to everyone who read my tweets and showed so much concern for Baileys, he sends his bunny cuteness and ! =)

♥, jean

Happy Easter!

happy easter everyone!

sorry the photo is so blurry, Baileys is so active it’s hard to get him in one position. i’m not quite quick enough, yet. but i thought this is a really adorable shot of him despite the blur. he always stands up when he sees me holding the camera… always trying to get a close up!

so have a great easter sunday!

love, Baileys & me

…will you (bee) mine?

i usually don’t really care much for the occassion, i’ve always felt that Valentine’s Day is over-rated, and socially abused. like really, why wait till 14th Feb each year to say something sweet? come on guys, surprise us girls when we least expect it, and not treat us like princesses on Valentine’s just cos you’re expected to. (boringggg)

still haven’t done your Valentine’s shopping?

if you’re having issues asking a girl to be yours, perhaps this quirky keyring will make things easier for you… she’ll definitely appreciate the mild humour. see, it lightens up the mood already! and you can spring this on her all year round!

will you (bee) mine keyring S$15 – free regular mail!

i can also do this in other colors so just drop me an email/comment if you’re interested :)

i totally love these mismatched earrings! but if you’re not quite the mismatched person, you can opt for a pair of bunnies or a pair of skulls.

hand drawn with love by me of course!

S$10 a pair, bunny bunny, skull bunny, or skull skull!

i’ll be adding more fun gifts for giving all year round, so stick tight! i’m gonna hit the sack now. tooodles!

love, jean

i fell in love with a bunny…

we went to the pet store to look at animals…

there were hamsters, dogs, rabbits…

but i can’t forget this little bunny… i really want to have this bunny.

ohhmygoodness bunny, i’m in love with you! even though you cost $160…

bunny will you please be mine?

ps : girls, guys…. i’m gonna be out all day monday. got a photoshoot for CLUBCOUTURE!

so gimme some time to reply your emails, enquiries and what not when i get home (quite late) in the evening. if you don’t hear from me, please wait till tuesday!

love, jean

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