…i should be so lucky

imagine missing a step and falling in heels that are like… at least 3 inches high… you’d think i would at least twist my ankle or something right? well, i actually got away with just these…


my battle wounds

pretty massive bruises on both knees… cool? lol

(the scar on my left knee was from a really bad secondary school fall.)


and this is all that i got on my left ankle… an abrasion, that really hurts by the way and another bruise. i think my ankle’s a little swollen, it hurts when i move it. no bruises on my hands BUT! my right hand really hurts! the bottom part pf my right palm, when i place it on any surface…


it feels as if there’s something really sharp in there! >_<

i mean there’s no sign of internal bleeding or bruising, but it really hurts!!!  i have to type with my hand way above the keyboard… it’s so hard to sleep too, if i accidentally turn to the right and lie on my hand i’ll jump up!

so if you’re trying to figure out how i miss a step and get an abrasion on my ankle, hang on let me think… i think i missed the step such that i stepped halfway on different levels, somehow my left leg was bent backwards and it hit the edge of the step, hence the abrasion and bruise! does that sound like it makes sense? well, the knee bruises are self explanatory…

hmmmmm… i wonder what ben’s gonna say when he books out later today. he’s definitely gonna start going on again about how accident prone i am… i hope he doesn’t drag me the doctor to get my right hand checked. i can’t even bring myself to rub anything on it, let alone let someone touch it! i’ll die! grrrrrrrrrr.

i can’t wait for ben to book out actually… but he said he has “night plans” with the boys so i shouldn’t go meet him otherwise he’ll just send me home and go out with them.

he doesn’t want me anymore? booooo :(

why is it a guy thing… they’ve been glued together all week.. they still need male bonding time after book out?!!? somebody save my soul. plus i’m feeling bummed that man u lost to chelsea.. sighhhhhhh oh well, i’m gonna go sleep now. way past my scheduled bedtime as usual! taaa!


i hate bruises!

okay, so a couple days back on the 2nd day of the new year, i kinda… slipped and fell…

and got this! :(


 i think its really bad. i slipped on a little “puddle” of water on the floor just outside my room as i was going to bathe. sigh i could hardly walk when i got up. then the next day my entire leg was aching like crazy!!!

now i’ll still scream if anyone touches my knee. it’s gotten hit a couple times since… somehow the more careful you try to be, the more likely you are to hit it! its annoying! and painful! :(

…not to mention the bruising is really ugly

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