Tuesday's News

i just realised, it’s been hell of a long time since i actually sat down and organised the website. (guilty) so i’m trying to do that this week!

for starters, here are some last grab necklaces!

i’m only left with one remake of each so, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

psssstttt : there are also a couple of new pieces that I’ve just uploaded, prices will be filled in soon!

check out the bracelets if you love vintage inspired pieces!

I’ve put tons on sale! Prices start as low as $12!

I’m also working to expand the Perpetual Spring Collection, but go check out what’s still available from the collection, I’ve put pretty much all of them on sale as well! :)

I’m still updating, re-organising and adding new pieces to the store so keep checking back! Expect to see more new necklaces and new earrings (finally) hopefully by the end of this week!

love, jean

Pretty Bows…

i’m addicted to these cutesy bows, i wanna put them on anything and everything i make! :)

a customised keyring for Regine, complete with a glittery princess pink crown!

and i know i haven’t made new bracelets in an insanely long time… so here’s one right now! :)

the phrase “On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur” translates as “We see well only with the heart” from Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

with a simple phrase, i’ve added a swallow, eiffel tower charm and a gorgeous pink flower and a white bow…

own this piece for S$25

expect more new additions soon! i’m trying to get out of the festivities and partying so i can focus… it’s not easy! LOL

love, jean

More Customisations!

left : customised wood tile ring for Phyllis

right : customised bracelet with hand-drawn charms for Percia’s little girl

to make customisations easier in 2010, i’m working on putting together a customisations page! it’s still in the works, but it’ll definitely be done soon :)

stick tight for updates!

love, jean

a handful of customisations…

just managed to complete these rings for Yih Fang today!

first time trying out “gold glitter text” it turned out really well!

the purple is darker and more vibrant in real life. camera flash always messes up my colors. :(

familiar? Leonie wanted the bottlecap charm from “Every girl’s dream” bracelet to be a necklace… so… tada!

proudly modelled by Po :)

it actually looks pretty good on him, no? haha! next!

i did this a couple days ago… Eka is getting this for his friend’s 21st birthday. She’s an air stewardess you see, thus the jet setting theme! i sure hope she’ll like this! :)

a slightly “fuller bloom” than the original piece i sold on the website…

couple days ago i got suppppper excitied!

i got an order from Mavis in The Netherlands… and this is her chanel stash!

yupppp, thats what i’ve been up to, which is why you haven’t seen long posts in a while…

but expect to see new designs of vintage earstuds by next week!


Back on Track!

finally! it’s official!

i’m maintaining the website from my mac. it was a good decision to move, it publishes alot faster than it did on my PC… pphew! so bear with me this coming week as i try to update as quickly as i can! but for now, here’s what’s new!

3 new bracelets added

and 8 new necklaces!

don’t forget to check in store for year-end perks! i have to run now, time to spend time with the boy… i’ll be back!

have an awesome weekend everyone!

and don’t forget to bring along a brolly (umbrella that is) cos you never know when it’s gonna start pouring cats and dogs!

love, jean

a midweek dose of fun!

wednesday 1:53am update : the bracelets are up on jeaninegabrielle.com!

click here to go see (and grab)!

believe it or not, i actually made 6 new bracelets today! was having a major creative rush and tada! here’s what came out of it! :)

IMG_2926 IMG_2853 IMG_2867 IMG_2910 IMG_2896 IMG_2890

these are the “happy bracelets”!

they make you smile just by looking at them! i’ll probably put these up on the website by end of this week, including the prices… so stick around, and feel free to leave comments! in fact, please do leave comments! i’d love to know what everyone thinks of these! :)

love, jean

The Weekend "Add-ition"

8 new necklaces and 5 new bracelets just added to the site!

click on the respective images and go check out the rest!

all in limited pieces, so hurry! don’t let your favourites slip by!

Picture 23

Picture 22

i need to run now, got dinner at east coast with ben’s bunch of friends.

have a good weekend loves! :)


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