Destash : Ferragamo-inspired headband

i got this recently for about $20 but haven’t had the chance to use it. i just realised i like using the fabric ones more than these, so i’m selling this pretty bow headband! it looks alot nicer in real life, it’s a nice gray tweed with abit of shimmer in it for some sparkle!

get preppy chic with this headband for $8 $14 including regular mail. add $2.24 for registered mail

love, jean

hello you :)

Photo 266

Photo 271desat

Photo 269

made that new bow headband today and i’m more than eager to show it off.

i think it’s uber cute, what do you think?

if you love it too, and want one of your own…


i’ll make you one for S$18!

i hand sew these bows, and they’re made of some sort of wool material. very prep school if you ask me! :)

Photo 135

ps : that’s not Po by the way… that’s Fluffy. :)

…35 days to POP!


still going gaga over bows


lady gaga’s bow may be a little too over the top to be practical for an everyday style,

but this simple black bow headband will add a polished and sophisticated chic look! wear your hair up or down.

style tip : if wearing hair up, keep the headband in place with a couple of black bobby pins!

(right) sharrie does lady gaga! care bear style!

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