Beauty Book : You're Blushing!

previously, i was using Maybelline’s mineral blush, but somehow i found the color didn’t last very long on my cheeks. so i just got a box of Powderazzi from Benefit!

the verdict? I LOVE IT!

it’s 3 powders in one box, dallas, hoola and coralista (which is my favourite!) it’s the first time i’m using blushers from Benefit, and i must say i’m impressed. the color stays put for hours! everything fits in a little box with 4 compartments, so that includes a little square to hold the brush seperately unlike most blushers that only allow you to keep the brush on top of the powder. or like Maybelline’s mineral blush, has no space to hold a brush at all! not very smart…

with 3 colors in 1, i can use 1 color or mix and blend to achieve different effects! definitely my favourite cheek colors in a box!

but, these aren’t the only cheek colors i have… i might do those in a seperate post tho.

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