The New Collection

…have you seen it?

it’s almost the weekend, and what better time to shop for bright, eye-catching pieces than now?


enter code “bamboopandalove” when ordering to enjoy the offer.

*free shipping by regular mail within Singapore only.

*offer only applicable on orders paid for by bank transfers/cheques only.

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love, jean

Perpetual Spring…

i’ve been working on lots of new pieces lately, this being one of them…

i actually did it with a yarn necklace, but this has been modified for Leonie :)

so…. why perpetual spring you must be wondering? well, it’s practically spring/summer all year round here in Singapore, so that’s what i’m calling the “collection”! it won’t be just for the months of spring/summer, but it’ll be a permanent page on here’s a sneak at the rest of the collection so far…

…Perpetual Spring

if you remember the ruffles and rosettes pieces i did last year, well, they’re back! in different colors, more varied designs! meanwhile, here are my newer creations, all hand sewn by me….

i’m still putting up the prices and descriptions, so gimme a couple more days before i release the collection :)

have a great weekend everyone!

love, jean

vintage luxe


this is a customisation for Leonie that i just completed yesterday…

it’s a bouquet of crocheted flowers in 4 very muted colors…

perfect for that dress that Leonie wants to compliment!

good weekend everyone! :)

…vintage accessories


i picked up crochet when i was in secondary school… mummy taught me the basics and i’ve been experimenting on my own ever since… my creations were even featured in an issue of 17 Magazine 7 years ago! yes, it’s been that long…

above shown are three new designs i came up with over the weekend…

they lend a very vintage, romantic feel to an outfit… each unique in it’s own way, whether you pick the simple or more elaborate styles, they will complement your style all week.

they’ll be up for sale soon! :)

love, jean

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