More blooms in store…

I’ve added new designs to the Perpetual Spring Collection!

Expect to be greeted by more structured blooms necklaces & bold spring florals.

Structured blooms in black leather. Only one piece available. (Unless I manage to get my hands on more black leather…) This is an effortless piece that will match your outfits with ease! Afterall, you can always trust a classic black.

One remake of structured blooms in black/plum is currently instock! Please note that remakes may vary slightly in size and shape.

I’ve got tons of other new designs coming up very soon, but for now I am calling it a night! If you’ve already “liked” my Facebook page, you’ll be able to see the sneaks! If you are not already a fan, check out the page >>> here!

Goodnight! xx

One Day.

I mentioned previously that I was reading the book , “One Day”, but upon hearing they were making a movie out of it, decided to put my reading on hold. I finally watched it with Robin a couple days ago and I have to admit, my sister was right. She said movies are hardly ever as good as the books, spot on. The movie pales in comparison to the book, it seemed like the story line was just going to and fro for years, only to end in a tragic way…

That said, I’m pretty sure I will enjoy reading the book more than I enjoyed watching the movie as I’ll be able to indulge in all the nitty gritty details.

Side tracking, it’s been such a hectic week and I’m expecting an even more hectic week ahead, but I’m just gonna try to soak up what’s left of Sunday.

Some new pieces I’ve been working on that will be up in store later this week. :)

Have a great Sunday all! xx

i'm black and blue.

the end of something always leads to new beginnings; in this case…

100 P!SCO necklaces ✔ 80 P!SCO badges ✔ i’ve finally completed the P!SCO (taiwanese) band project. now, moving on..

I’m still clearing a backlog of customisations but i can’t wait to work on new pieces to add to the Perpetual Spring Collection. Tapping on inspiration led me to create this piece yesterday.

because of you, i’m black and i’m blue. i’m black and blue, because of you.

fancy pansies?

oh look what i found! :)

as worn by bluekismet’s model, this bouquet of “blood pansies” is but a single bouquet amongst other floral pieces out of the Perpetual Spring Collection on Jeanine Gabrielle.

this color is available by remake at $29.

i’ll be working on new colors soon enough! got a particular color you have in mind? drop me an email at & we’ll take it from there.

meanwhile, check out the Perpetual Spring Collection
for tons of pieces on sale! xoxo

How Bold Can You Go?

I managed to finish these two pieces earlier… They’re going into the Perpetual Spring Collection on

Everyone’s loving them on Facebook and I’m glad cos I spent pretty much the entire day on them. I’ve seen similar pieces to the nude florals piece selling for over $100! Designer and high end brands, of course.

It’s just past 2am now and I’ve just completed another piece! Photos from my blackberry don’t do the piece justice so I’ll leave that for tomorrow… (or later, rather) Just a hint tho, more ruffly flowers, but in black and…….. pearls of course! I always love the black and pearls combination, always chic, always classy and so easy to match!

I love this new font I downloaded, it’s called Impact Label, I got it off I spent over an hour looking for it cos I forgot what the font was called… It looks so old school like the dymo tapes we used to use. Old school is gold!

I should be adding these to the store tomorrow but if anyone wants to do a quick grab (cos i might not do remakes for these) leave me a comment or email me at

I’m so gonna hit the sack now. Night night ya’ll! =)

♥ jean

Tuesday's News

i just realised, it’s been hell of a long time since i actually sat down and organised the website. (guilty) so i’m trying to do that this week!

for starters, here are some last grab necklaces!

i’m only left with one remake of each so, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

psssstttt : there are also a couple of new pieces that I’ve just uploaded, prices will be filled in soon!

check out the bracelets if you love vintage inspired pieces!

I’ve put tons on sale! Prices start as low as $12!

I’m also working to expand the Perpetual Spring Collection, but go check out what’s still available from the collection, I’ve put pretty much all of them on sale as well! :)

I’m still updating, re-organising and adding new pieces to the store so keep checking back! Expect to see more new necklaces and new earrings (finally) hopefully by the end of this week!

love, jean

New This Week!

3 new bib-style necklaces added to

Perpetual Spring The Collection!

(i’ve also reduced the prices of a couple of pieces)

+ new bracelets!

i also made quite abit of new rings, but have yet to finish the photos… but here’s a sneak peek!

expect a lot more new additions this week! and don’t forget, purchases above $50 will receive a free gift from Maybelline New York!

love, jean


i’ve been tweaking the website abit, and i’ve shifted the “latest adds” boxes to the main page!

check out these latest additions!

quirky pins, one of a kind rings, hand drawn earstuds and alot more in store!

i’ll be doing giveaways this June, check back soon for details!

love, jean

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