hey girls! just got this in my inbox today and thought i’d share it with those of you who are not already on Benefit Cosmetic’s mailing list!

( click on the image to go to Benefit’s Online Store )

Enter code SUMMER20 at checkout!

FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on orders above USD$115, enter code WORLD115

( not sure if free shipping still applies with the sale code tho… )

Please note tho that all prices are in USD, and you’ll need a credit card/paypal to purchase. Don’t miss this sale cos the prices online are at least 15% lower (before the discount) than what we have to pay in stores here!

time to get pretty! :)

Destash : Benefit Color Plump (Yoo Hoo) – Pending Payment

Benefit’s Color Plump in Yoo Hoo :

this retails for USD$22 on Amazon, i think Benefit has discontinued this product, but it has definitely been retired with a bag of awesome reviews in the bag!

Yoo Hoo is a rose nude, but if you put it on really thick, it’s more of a bronze. if you want it subtle, i’d suggest putting it on your finger and applying it to your lips like you would with lip balm for a sheer wash of color.

i’m selling this for just S$12 including regular mail.

( add $2.24 for registered )

this has never been used and is still in it’s original box. i only “used” it a little so i could get a more exact photo of the color.

( hope this photo helps! )

. . .

Benefit Color Plump lip plumping color. Give your lips a sexy 3-D effect with our new lip plumping pencils. Watch your lips go from ‘now’ to ‘WOW’… the first time you apply. Your lips will appear younger, plumper and sexier with these neutral ‘wear-me-all-the-time’ shades. The proof is in the pucker. The tripeptide complex moisturizes lips, decreases lip furrows, enhances lip volume, and improves smoothness of the lips.

Tips and tricks: “After 30 days of use, study participants lip measurements showed a significant increase in lip volume in a study conducted under dermatological control.” Use color plump on its own or with your favorite gloss. Fits in the jumbo sharpener.

Product details: 3.8 g net wt 0.13 oz

Voted “best of beauty favorite” by More magazine in 2006

Descriptions by Benefit.

Beauty Book : My Favourite Concealers!

panda eyes, red spots, ugly zits, pimple scars…. oh what would the world be without concealers? i personally will not survive without concealers, really.

over the years i’ve tried countless different brands, but i’ve been using these for over a year, and i have no complains! i’ll probably be sticking to these concealers for a long time to come…

1. lemon aid USD$20 from Benefit

this one is a miracle worker, it instantly brightens up your eyes upon application! you’ll be amazed at how this yellow tone concealer works… i’ve been using a small cake of it from my last Benefit order, and this time around i just had to grab the full size tub! definitely love this!

2. erase paste USD$26 from Benefit

okay, so USD$26 is a little pricey for a concealer, but a little erase paste goes a long way. i got my first tub when i got it as a gift for my birthday last year in may, and i still haven’t exhausted it! it’ll probably last me another month or two, or even more who knows, but i decided to stock up on a new tub since i was ordering in a new tub of boi-ing. it’s a thick, creamy concealer that is super blendable! and it really does an awesome job with concealing those spots.

3. boi-ing USD$18 from Benefit

if you’ve used MAC’s concealers, this one is quite similar. i use this under the eyes to conceal dark circles and any other areas that are of uneven skin tone.

ps : Benefit is currently offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for orders totalling more than USD$85, so grab your girlfriends and grab some make up! :)

pps : i’ve just listed this blog on NetworkedBlogs on Facebook and i need 8 more people to verify that i am the author! i know it sounds quite silly, but yup, protocol… please (click here) to help me get verified and also “follow” my blog! much loves!


…i’m such a person.

if i see something i really really want, but can’t get it at that point, i will find a way to get it by hook or by crook.

so, we were at Butter last week and i saw this group of people with awesome animal hats, and then i spotted a panda one! i didn’t know that bunch so it’d be weird if i asked them, plus they were kinda… drunk, i think. so i told ben, but he was too busy to bother about my “i want that panda hat!”

so the next day i started looking for it online…. and guess what? my efforts paid off and i found the exact same one online! already ordered and paid for. i’m having it shipped to Audrey in CA tho cos shipping directly to singapore is gonna kill me.


ben wants to kill me for shopping so much too, but he did say “i’ll find it and buy for you, k?”

so…. hahaha he can’t kill me this time! …why would he anyway? the panda is soooo adorable! :P

on a seperate note, is anyone interested in purchasing BENEFIT COSMETICS? i’m ordering in from the USA cos it’s way cheaper than getting it in stores here. for example, CORALISTA, which is a cheek color retails for S$58 here and guess how much it is online?

USD$28 = S$39 (as of now)

see, singapore stores are ripping us off! it’s $19 more to get it instores here than online! it’s insane! for those who never knew about the price difference, well, now you do!

i’m gonna be ordering my stuff by this week so if anyone is interested, please leave a comment or email me with the items you want to get.

i’m gonna go back to abit more sewing now! the SPRING 2010 collection is looking pretty darn fab!

one more day to the weekend!



the order i placed two weeks ago finally arrived in my letter box!


my order came complete with 2 free samples and a free color plump!


right : the realness of concealness mini fake it kit

you can’t get it off the shelf here in singapore! it’s so cute and mini!


even the packaging is so so pretty!

i’m already starting to put more items in my cart for my next order!


tuesday love…

i remember this girl who came up to me at The Butter Factory some time last year and handed me a piece of paper…

it had her email address written on it, cos i had photos of her in my camera…

see eva, i still remember! :)

Picture 4

thanks for putting up that blog post for me, it’s so nice to see my stuff on customer’s blogs!

really kicked off my tuesday morning :)

eva’s a real sweetheart, she even bought me these for my birthday!


gosh, i’m speechless. i feel so loved! thanks eva!


gosh, i need a Benefit fix really soon!


I just created a wishlist! not like anyone is gonna buy me anything? :(

but if you want to see what’s on my wishlist, and would consider buying me my birthday present, go to :

and under WISH LIST, enter my email and you’ll see the whole list of stuff that i want to get my hands on!

but but, if you are a girl and you love Benefit like me, you’d be happy to know that it’s way cheaper buying it online than off the counters here in Singapore! THEREFORE, if you’d like to order online with me please let me know!


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