Mid-year Clear-out Sale Part One

All items are handmade and hand sewn with love by me! I hope you’ll find something you like, or perhaps a suitable gift for a loved one.

Stop eyeing them, BUY THEM! Once they’re gone, they’re gone.


  • 1. Chocolate florals phone cosy $18 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 2. Poppy fields phone cosy – $18 – 14cm x 7.6cm
  • 3. Poppy fields card cosy – $12 – 10cm x 6cm
  • 4. Aztec phone cosy (padded) $14 – 13cm x 7.4cm
  • 5. “I see you” phone cosy $14 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 6. Massive burger card cosy (with flap over button closure) $16 – 10cm x 6cm


  • 7. PS : I love you phone cosy $15 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 8. Hello Bug Kitty phone cosy (padded) $16 – 13cm x 7.5cm
  • 9. Miu Miu Daisies phone cosy $14 – 12.5cm x 7cm
  • 10. Chanel embroided card cosy $10 – 10cm x 6.5cm
  • 11. Hello Kitty card cosy $12 – 10cm x 7cm

-= ♥ =-

“Will it fit my phone?” Here’s how to figure it out!

Grab a tape measure and size up your phone, or check for measurements on the respective mobile sites. You should be measuring it around so, 2 x width + 2 x thickness. Then compare that against the measurements provided for the pieces and you should get a good gauge.

Measurements provided are for length and width (excluding sewing edge) so when you’re sizing it up for your phone, use the (width x 2). I didn’t complicate that, did I? If you still need help, feel free to contact me. :)


One of each design only, prices only valid on instocks.

  • 12. Snap snap camera bag charm/brooch $8 – 6cm x 6cm
  • 13. Set of 2 owl plushies $24 – 9cm x 9cm (polka dots)
  • 14. Miu Miu-inspired cat brooch $12 – 12cm x 5cm
  • 15. Kitty plush with ball of wool $18 – 13cm x 9cm

-= ♥ =-

june giveaway

Do state your preference when you place your order, however I cannot guarantee you will be able to get what you want if someone claims ahead of you. In the event that your preferences are all taken, the freebie will be randomly selected for you. (One gift per customer.)

  1. 1 x Velcro hair pad
  2. Nip + Fab Mango Smoothie Body Butter
  3. 2 x Essential Rich Premier Nourishing Care Lotion
  4. 1 x Essential Nuance Airy Anti-Frizz Serum
  5. 5 x Beauty Buffet Vitamin C & Neroli Facial Mask
  6. 1 x Set of 3 candy cube hair ties


To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed items :

Choice of free gift (If purchase total is above $25) :

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB

Four bags in a week.

This week I went bag crazy, it started with this.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 11.56.11 AM

Ted Baker Apcon Bow Tablet Case from ASOS $82.82

I may not have an iPad, but I figured if it can hold an iPad, it should fit my phone, some cards, cash and some makeup so I bought it with the intention of using it as a clutch. Who knows, maybe down the road I might end up with a tablet? The day after I bought this on ASOS  I received the “ADDITIONAL 10% OFF SALE” email, I almost cried. But I’m glad I snagged the last piece in pink on ASOS, because it retails for $99 at the Ted Baker store in Ion. *gasppp

With the additional 10% off sale code, I couldn’t help it and found myself on ASOS. AGAIN.

asos scallop bag

ASOS Scallop Double Buckle Across Body Bag – Lemon $53.09
river island aztec

River Island Aztec Print Buckle Front Cross Body Bag – Pink $53.09

I paid $95.56 for both bags after the 10% off. Definitely a good deal for two bags! Can’t wait to start adding some bright colors to my outfits!

hm strawbag


Straw bag from H&M $19.90

While shopping with Robin yesterday we spotted this straw beach bag from H&M going for just $19.90 and he got it for me! :D

It was the last piece in white, but they also have it in a dark blue.


We also got this Cookie Monster plushie from H&M for $9.90, he’s just too cute to resist! Obviously not very happy about being put into a bag without his cookie stash. ^-^

Happy weekend! xx

A charmed life.

Soooooo, I’m bored on a Sunday night. Robin went to bed really early cos he has an exam tomorrow morning. I’m trying to ween off my ipad addiction cos Robin’s gonna take it with him to Vietnam this weekend. But seriously all these games on the ipad are horribly addictive. #firstworldproblems

Moving on, I got inspired by the whole Aztec thing yet again, I mean, spring/summer, bright colors, yes? I’m gonna try to put my thoughts into action but meanwhile…

Aztec rings, anyone? I’m also thinking of making aztec cufflinks, and definitely a whole new batch of aztec earstuds that previously sold out in store.

Anyhoos! Remember I mentioned the bracelet Robin “made for me” a few posts ago? Well, I finally got to wear it, and he loves it. Well, he made it, so he can’t say it isn’t nice, right? :P

Seriously, what’s an expensive store bought bracelet compared to something your boyfriend actually made? To me, it’s the little things that count.

It’s been a little over four months now since we got together, but it feels like it’s been years. I can’t quite… no, I dare not imagine what it would be without him. We’ve gotten so used to each other that being apart feels like a big void. Time flies too fast when we’re together, and crawls while we’re apart, but I guess that’s all part of life, huh?

We’re not perfect, no couple is, but there’s one thing we’ve come to realise. If two people make a solid decision to get past every hurdle together, you’ll find a way somehow. Nothing is too hard, there’s no problem too big to be solved, and nothing is impossible when two people have the same goal in mind.

That said, I should head off to bed now so I can get a fresh start. Have a great week ahead everyone! xx

Back to school?

These are just a couple of sneaks, there’s a lot more in store! So whether you’re looking for a new pencil pouch, phone cosy, or bags, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for. Otherwise, feel free to drop me an email to customise! xx

This little red fox will hold your cards, ipod & change! Customised sizes for phone models are also available on request.Great for stashing pens, pencils, or even your makeup & daily necessities!Tribal fan? Drawstring bags are great for storing all sorts of stuff. What would you put in here?

{ shop new bags & stuff }

The House of Harlow-inspired Mini Collection

I brought in these House of Harlow-inspired pieces in very limited quantities! Hope you girls will like this “mini collection”. :)

 sunburst necklace $18 // sunburst earstuds $14 // sunburst ring $14

Or if you prefer my hand drawn versions… :D

 aztec sunburst $6 // aztec v0.6 $7

 These and more new aztec designs now in store! Prices are not inclusive of shipping costs.


every pair is exclusive, pick your favourite today! :)

Happy Shopping! ♥, jean

triangles, lines, colors. AZTEC.

So, this is what my “aztec-obsession” has led me to. It suddenly hit me and I started hand-drawing these aztec-inspired earstuds, one square by one square. Okay, so it’s not a perfect square but I guess the whole imbalance adds to the natural aztec charm.

I hope to keep each design exclusive so no two pairs will ever be the same, and you’ll know your pair will always be yours only! These will be in store soon, and will be priced at $8 and below depending on the size.

I’m also secretly (okay not so secretly now) changing the store’s look a little bit… All will be revealed in good time. love! :)

aztec fever

I need a proper nail art pen or something along those lines. The fine flimsy brushes really get on my nerves when I try drawing stuff on my nails. Which isn’t very often, but still. I figure with a proper nail art pen I’ll be able to do more detailed designs like this:


Photos from Boom Nails )

 Aztec-manicure party, anyone?

Aztec Inspiration

Am deciding if I should start a new Aztec-inspired collection or add this to Perpetual Spring for now, I’ve completed 3 new statement necklaces in the past week, can’t wait to start working on more! :)

For now tho, I have a load of customisations to complete. Priorities!

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