diy : aztec obi belt

Yay I got me a new belt! Can’t wait to wear it. :D

It’s an obi-style belt I got when I was in Sydney a couple year ago… When I pulled it out it had some stains on it so I figured, why not… Upcycle! So, I drew aztec designs on it and tada! One of my best upcycled creations I reckon.

Who says fashion comes at a high price? xx

the heart of tribal.

Just some new stuff I’ve been working on, this time I made first pieces for myself. Top : tribal leather feather earrings, which will be sold in single sides, they’re just cooler that way.

Below : my new tribal/aztec-ish bag. I love the colors, perfect to match fall colors… It’s even awesome-r cos it’s reversible. *grin. Everyone loves it, plus, it’s huge, just the way I like my bags. I’ll probably make simpler ones too, just to suit everyone’s varying budgets. Pouches too, perhaps?


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