Something About Owls.

It’s like some weird addiction, I can’t stop drawing and making owls. There are just so many ways to characterize them, you can give them so many different expressions, eyes, colors, shapes; I like endless possibilities. You know how they say you are only limited by your imagination? Well it’s true, and when you let your imagination take you on an adventure…


Drew this on the Samsung S3 with the “Drawing Pad” application. Not bad for a lazy bed doodle, but I still hate that you can’t choose the thickness of the “pencils”, it’s really annoying when you want to do proper detailing. Minus points there, but then again, it probably wasn’t made for serious doodling.


Owls on a branch. Took me half a day to make this for my grand niece the other day. Well, let’s just say I’m trying to bring my ideas to life, I really want to kick start a “line” of products for kids. With that in mind, I think 2013 could turn out to be pretty wicked, in a good way, of course. But there’s still so much to be done before I even get close to where I want to be.

Now, back to where most, if not all of the doodling begins, in my moleskine, which reminds me.. I really need one for 2013 already! For some reason after using moleskines for two years, all other diaries/schedule books really infuriate me, especially those with chinese characters in them! I know I’m chinese myself but it’s just a thing, I can’t even explain why. :/


See what I mean? They’re all owls, but they’re all so different in their own way. Pssstttt the first one got tipsy on Merlot!


And that rounds up my current obsession with owls, for now that is.

Good night! Hoot hoot!

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