incase x andy warhol at a curious teepee

also spotted : the non-warhols, but still worth a snap shot.I cannot agree more.

I had a feeling I would run into someone, but obviously, I had no idea who that someone was until I actually met him/her. Mystery solved, I ran into Jon who is director of Cookpad at A Curious Teepee. Cookpad is a really nifty recipe go-to site. Go check it out if you need some kitchen inspiration, fool-proof instructions included.

Will share human photos from the event when I get them.

Time To Get Cosy!

I’ve been in love with Miu Miu’s S/S 10 Collection for the longest time, and finally had time to create these Miu Miu-inspired pieces!

( click here to get them today! )

Been sewing alot more than usual of late i realise… Got some new foldover pouches to add to the store too! And I’ve got tons of fabric sitting around… Time to start making some new tote bags perhaps?


This one’s Warhol-inspired. With cutesy blue hearts to line the inside.


This floral one will fit your cards, or maybe stash your accessories if you please. Perfect for holding cash and small items in a clutch when you go partying, it’s so slim so it won’t take up any unnecessary space that a proper wallet would.

These foldover pouches should be in store by tomorrow, I’m trying to tidy up the store for a better shopping experience this year end! (Stocking up on charms for customisations too!)

Have a great Sunday everyone! Altho the rain is dampening the weekend quite abit…

♥ jean

It's Christmas Eve!

my fredflare stash finally arrived 2 days ago!

see the pink tokidoki pup? it was supposed to be a set of two, but i only got one. sent them and email yesterday and they’re sending me a new set, which means i’ll end up with one extra! thanks Nicole from Fredflare’s Customer Service Department! :)

i won’t be seeing them anytime soon tho, they’ll only get to Audrey on Jan 4th due to the holidays, from there it’ll take another long trip to Singapore. oh well, at least Warhol has one pup for company now..

i’m trying to figure out what ben got for me, and who bought the present… grrrrrr… yesterday he just had to say, “i think your present buy already..” which sparked my curiousity. i think i even dreamt about it… i’m really suspecting the present is right here in my home… we’ll see…

anyway, check this kid out! most adorable kid on earth i tell you!

i have to get back to wrapping presents for mummy and daddy now, i’ll be back!


shopping at 2am

okay, so it’s the only day of fredflare’s free shipping cos it’s CYBER MONDAY, and i couldn’t help it.

i’m supposed to be asleep! ended up getting these…

the tokidoki pups are US$12 for a set of 2

i don’t know which 2 i’ll get… i really want the green and the pink!!! *fingers crossed*

and i got another talking watch!

i have a purple already, but yea, i want, more like NEED a black watch to match my outfits better… for more serious days you know?


oh my gosh you have no idea… i’ve always wanted this!!! and it’s on sale now for just US$9.99! i’m such a happy bunny! i’m not even sleepy anymore… getting these mailed to Audrey and then have her mail them to me… excited much! :)

i better go sleep soon, still have a meeting to go to in less than 12 hours! >_<

love, jean

What's YOUR Favourite Quote?

introducing… the newest additions to the bottlecap ring collection!

words/quotes are all hand drawn by me! :)

pick one that represents your beliefs or personality, or get one customised with your choice of text!

oct09-ouiring oct09-luck

*exclusive : oui S$18      ♥      luck is… S$16

oct09-makelovenotwar IMG_1016oct09-superficial

make love not war S$14      ♥      be loveable S$16     ♥      superficial S$16

oct09-beyourself oct09-twtltrtd

be yourself S$16     ♥     too weird to live, too rare to die S$16

and wait, there’s more!

oct09-bugsy bugsy

♥     meet bugsy! S$18     ♥      reserved for Janice

he’s a cute little lady bug who just wants to sit on your finger and follow you everywhere you go! to the mall, for tea, to dinner and wherever you’ll take him!

IMG_1530 IMG_1060

(left) a bit like gucci S$18     ♥     (right) madamemoiselle coco S$18

don’t forget shipping is free when you purchase any 5 rings, earrings, or earstuds!

see store for more details!


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