The Bigger Plan.

“….I believe everything happens for a reason and is all part of a bigger plan. Everything has its own time and place, and I believe I am where I should be.” – New Year’s Day 2015.

4 weeks later, I am certain that everything that has happened in my life has led me to where I am and where I am supposed to be. Along the way, I learnt many life lessons, it wasn’t an easy transition after working from home for some 8 years, in fact, I never realised that it has been so long. What have I been doing the past 8 years? What if I did things differently? What if I led a different lifestyle and I never left the F&B industry in the first place?

Questions, too many to answer but I know one thing for sure; if I had lived any differently, I probably wouldn’t have met the people I got to meet, and the one thought that makes me cringe, what if I didn’t meet Robin? Thankfully, I did.


Us during NYE 2011

The truth is, in life you need that one person who doesn’t give up on you even when you’re close to giving up on yourself. Someone who sees your potential, someone who keeps pushing you to be a better person and doesn’t hesitate to tell you that you’re not being the best you can be. It can be hard to take in, but we need that truth.

Thank you for being that person for me, love.


The lights at Absinthe.

All these years I took so much for granted, that I would get a job easily with my qualifications for one. It turned into a 6 month long journey before I found THE JOB I was looking for. Sure I got offers, but interview after interview, I realised those jobs wouldn’t put me in the right direction, I wouldn’t grow the way I want to, so I kept looking. I always enjoyed doing events, so I decided I would pick up where I left off. There were times when I felt lost and on the verge of falling back into complacency, but I made a decision and I was going to stick it out no matter what. I learnt not to readily accept everything that falls into my lap if it won’t help me grow, I learnt to not let people determine and tell me what I am worth. I learnt that I should never settle for comfortable, and if things get comfortable, it means that it is time for a new challenge. Today, I am in Reservations & Events for the TRE Group, handling reservations and events for Absinthe Restaurant Franςais which is located at Boat Quay.


Absinthe’s outdoor terrace by day. It’s a lovely place to be and especially so in the evening.


Where will this new adventure take me? Only time will tell, but I will put my best foot forward, every day. No job is easy, but having a job you enjoy waking up to and excelling at makes all the difference.

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My daily view, the office at 46 Bukit Pasoh.

Some of you may wonder, what about the store?

The store is still “operating”. Orders for in-stock items are mailed out on a daily basis since I pass a post box on the way to the office every morning. Customisations will take more time though, for custom orders please email me at

For those who may have missed the update, the store is now at

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Mini Amineko in Mustard $32.90 (London bus not included)


Q : Do you still customise wedding bouquets?

A : Yes I do, however due to the limited free time I have on weekends, it is advisable to order at least 6 months in advance.

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A previous custom bouquet of roses and peonies.

Since we’re on the topic of flowers and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, what IS everyone up to this Valentine’s? I definitely won’t be having a Valentine’s date since Robin will be out of town but if you haven’t made plans with your significant other yet, may I suggest you join me at Absinthe Restaurant Franςais?

Full details in my next post! :)

Absinthe Restaurant Franςais is located at 72 Boat Quay. Tel : 62229068

Hello, my name is Amineko.

Took these a while back when we were at Kino, and since Spencer was spending the day out with us, we thought it’d be fun to get some cute snaps!



This is the book you should purchase if you’re looking to crochet your own Amineko. :)


Oh Spencer, you’re such a cutie even though you’re just a toy.

I’ve been wanting to work on more amigurumi but I simply haven’t had the time and focus to do it. Soon, I hope.

The Girl Next Door Luxe Edition 6 + Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 4 Relaunch!

I’ve spent most of March & April working on remakes and my new wedding bouquets which I will blog about soon, but I know you girls have been waiting patiently for new Perpetual Spring pieces, so here it is! Are you ready to add some sweet pink florals to your outfit? Lace & crochet dresses are all the rage these days, so what better way to accessorise than with a complimentary floral necklace?

Photo on 22-4-13 at 2.59 PM #2_Fotor_20130422 copy

But! First things first, for those of you who are unsure about how this works, due to the limited availability of remakes, orders will be processed on a first comment basis. Some of you have commented before on earlier launches so your comments may show up immediately, this does not mean that your order is confirmed as there may be comments pending moderation before yours. Please be patient, you need not comment again if your comment does not show up immediately, especially if it is your first time joining us for a launch. Do refer to the things to note at the end of this post for full details. :)


If you’ve been following my blog you might have read about “The Girl Next Door” designs last November featuring all the color combinations that have sold out. I promised I’d try to bring back your favourites, not exactly the same but identical. For starters I’m going back to where it began with the pink and nude blush combination!


The Girl Next Door Edition 6 $45

(One piece ready to ship)

Please note that there are two variations for this piece, The Girl Next Door Edition 6 (above) &  The Girl Next Door Luxe Edition 6 (below). The difference? The same fabrics are used for both, but! In edition 6, the nude blush satin is reversed, giving you a “matte” and more down to earth look while the luxe edition spots a little sheen on the nude blush roses.

No price difference between the two, but at the end of the day it boils down to personal preference. Which one will you choose?

gndluxe6The Girl Next Door Luxe Edition 6 $45

(One piece ready to ship)

Only 18 remake slots available for The Girl Next Door Edition 6 & The Girl Next Door Luxe Edition 6 combined. Orders that come in after the 18 slots are filled will be put on a waiting list.
*If you can’t decide between the two, don’t worry! Place an order to secure the remake slot first, you can decide if you want to go simple or luxe upon receiving the invoice. :)




Hey There Delilah Luxe Edition 4 (Relaunch) $45

If you haven’t gotten your hands on this since I first launched the design in February, here’s your last chance! I’m doing a relaunch so you girls know what the remakes look like, the difference between this and the original is that the second flower is not subject to fraying unlike the original version. So, for those who have missed out before, make sure you place your orders fast cos I’m only opening a maximum of 10 more remake slots.


Things to note :

  • Orders will be processed on a first comment basis, all comments will be moderated.
  • Invoices for INSTOCKS will be sent out within 24 hours if your order is confirmed.
  • If the piece you ordered is only available by remake, I will send you an email within 48 hours. Please allow 1-3 weeks for completion of remakes.
  • Please note that invoices will be sent out on a FIRST COMMENT BASIS, and remakes will be processed by a FIRST PAYMENT BASIS, and not by order time.
  •  Prices listed do not include shipping costs. Items priced at $45 and above ship for free within Singapore by normal mail, AM mail/registered mail would be an additional charge of $2.80.
  • For orders below $45, the standard shipping costs apply. $2 for normal mail and $4 for registered mail.
  • Colors may reflect differently due to different screen settings, do allow for slight color variations. The pieces almost always look better in real life. :)


To order, please leave a comment with the following ordering format :

Your name :

Confirmed items : (The ones you really want to get your hands on)

Second choice : (You know, in case the ones you listed above are sold out, this is optional)

Mail option : Normal/Registered

Preferred payment : DBS/POSB/UOB


When you’re done, why not get to know Spencer a little better?

( Spencer, my first Amineko )

Spencer, my first Amineko!

You’ve probably met Koko the koala & Emmy the holland lop bunny, now meet Spencer, my very first amineko! Which also happens to be my favourite of the three. (Shhhhh) It took me about 3 days to complete cos I didn’t really work on it all day long. After I completed it the muscles in my hand were sore for 2 days, but it was well worth it and I’ll definitely be making more aminekos in future if time allows. :)

20130506_112617_Fotor_20130510Spencer’s favourite thing to do is taking cat naps!

spencer_Fotor_20130509He’s pretty good at expressing himself, don’t you think?

20130509_172437_Fotor_20130511Spencer enjoys the occasional car ride…

20130509_172655_Fotor_20130511He finds sneaking around behind the cabby’s back very amusing!

20130507_120459_Fotor_20130509_Fotor_20130511He really wants a pug for a pet. Which I will get down to making, eventually.

20130509_155132_Fotor_20130510For now though, he is content with having quiet afternoon teas…

I hope Spencer’s first “adventure log” perked up your day! I’ll definitely be doing more posts like these, so follow my blog, and check back soon! :)

Happy Weekend! xx

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