earlier on i suddenly had the urge to do something about all the shoes i’m not wearing… realised i have like 5 pairs of ballet flats that i haven’t touched in ages, 3 are from Rubi, one from Guess and the other is from Sam Edelman.

so this pair of white ones from Rubi, i swear i only wore them once at most… and they’ve been chucked in the cupboard since the last i wore them… they looked so dead and boring (i started wondering why i bought them in the first place..) so i decided to give them a new lease of life!

meet my boxy monsters :)

they’re nice monsters! i added some blank speech bubbles and random splats… what do monsters talk about anyway? i’m not entirely done with the design, but it’s shaping up nicely i reckon. now i have reason to wear these white flats! i do hope i can wear them, they’re a size 38 and recently i’ve been getting heels in size 39 and they fit better… this pair squishes my toes abit…

shrink toes shrink!

ben is always teasing about how big my feet are.. i know, for someone who’s only 1.6m tall, size 39 feet are pretty out of proportion? :S

anyway, my right thumb has been hurting quite abit since yesterday, and i really have no idea why! it just really hurts when i move it in a certain direction.. i can’t even hold a pair of scissors without it hurting… so sewing has been quite a challenge… but that didn’t stop me! i sewed 2 phone cosies today…

the white rabbit from Alice In Wonderland with his famous line….

and this one’s for April! kinda reminds me of the red rose garden in Alice in Wonderland?

oh well, i guess i’ve done enough sewing for today, maybe even for this week…. 3 days till i turn 25, i’m actually getting a little jumpy. how come no one has asked me what cake i want? do i always have to order my own cake??? -_-

i was supposed to have dinner with ben at popeyes today, he promised. butttt, thanks to the army, promises always get broken. which is why i say, someone needs to pen a survival guide for girls who have boyfriends in the army. seriously…


Love from The UK!

amanda purchased the cheshire cat iphone cosy and the drink me ring, and sent her love all the way from the uk!

thanks much amanda, for the sweet gesture :)

ps : if you can’t get enough of alice in wonderland, more alice-inspired items to be released this week! i won’t say when, so stick around!

love, jean

Cupcakes, Macaroons and Tiny Critters

if you can’t get enough of all the yummy sweets in Alice in Wonderland, then you’re gonna love these new pieces! most of them are OOAK (one of a kind) so, you know what that means… no remakes! so if you like it, grab it. otherwise, it’s gone when it’s gone.

if you don’t see OOAK in front of an item name, remakes will be available upon request once sold, but as with all remakes, they will vary slightly from piece to piece. :)

OOAK cuppy cupcakes! $20

this one has 2 cupcakes and a pretty pinkish-purplish flower and a vintage rhinestone set on a metal filigree that measures approximately 2.3cm

OOAK Beary Sweets $20

this one has a cupcake, bear shaped biscuit, coral flower and a pretty pink heart set on a metal filigree that measures approximately 2.3cm

Macaroons $20

Perfect for the macaroon lover, these will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without the guilt! these itsy bitsy macaroons are individually needle-felted, they’re set on a metal filigree measuring 2.3cm and topped with a pretty fimo flower.

lola the white bunny $22

a great gift for a bunny lover, lola was carefully needle-felted with lots of love. she measures approximately 2.4cm long and 2cm tall (including ears)

left : candy hearts (salmon pink) $18

this lil cutie measures approximately 2.2cm x 1.5cm and is set on an adjustable silver ring base.

right : pacman ghost (salmon pink) $18

this fuzzy friend measures approximately 1.5cm x 1.8cm and is set on an adjustable silver ring base. other colors available upon request at the moment are yellow, orange, green, baby blue and teal.

left : cubic love $15

a needle-felted cube measuring 1.4cm square with a white heart in the centre. great for the simple girl who wants to add a touch of quirky to her day! :)

right : OOAK zip zip $12

the zipper ring is back! each piece is handsewn into form. this one measures aproximately 3cm and has a faux pearl centre.

ps : these are not on the site yet so leave a comment/drop me an email at jeanine@jeaninegabrielle.com to purchase.

love, jean

Alice in Wonderland

can’t get enough of the movie? a big fan of Alice? well i’m working on some Alice in Wonderland-inspired pieces!

you know i always put up sneaks right?

this one’s a ring…. i’m working on studs too. what else would you girls like to see in store?

i’ve got new earstuds just done too, they’re pretty little daisies and i put a pearl in the centre… haven’t had time to edit the photos yet, so probably by next week. sorry girls, going to church 3 times this week doesn’t make me a very free person. haha sooo please bear with me for a little longer before we kick back into full swing!

loads of new stuff coming up, you heard it here first.

ps : go get a copy of HER WORLD APRIL! one of my necklaces is featured on page 172. awesome! :)

love, jean

Still Sewing..

two more completed!

one for Nur Ain, and one for Yuen Mei!

and i still got a whole lot more to customise… keep those requests coming girls! you know how much i love being busy… it keeps me on my tippy toes!

245am, i assume ben is still at butter. grrrr i’m getting SLEEPY.

ps : i’m coming up with some Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces… so if you’re a fan, be sure to check back soon! :)

love, jean

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