♥ salted caramel (via cinnamonsin)

mmmmmmmm I’ve been waiting for ed to blog about this! I’ve been to salted caramel twice in…3 weeks? both times i had the earl grey ice cream… when we were there on sunday with mimi, we tried the strawberry ice cream which is unlike your typical scoop of strawberry ice cream! no fancy pink food colorings that’s for sure.. if affogato makes your scoop, or maybe you have no idea what an affogato is… read on, and enjoy! :)

Salted Caramel ED: 15 years ago, mini me would beg mom and dad politely with puss in boots eyes for ice cream. If I was a good boy, theyd buy me a paddle pop. (Zzz) Or maybe a waffle ice cream from ice cream uncle. What ever type of ice cream i would shut up and eat, and be a happy kid. I only realized Ive been fooled all my life when i had Swensons for the first time. On the contrary, kids these days are spoiled for choice for many new brands of ice cream. B … Read More

via cinnamonsin

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