happy snaps

screenshot x stolen

the (obviously) better shots taken by Timothy Boey at Incase x Andy Warhol

I went partying over the weekend without the usual bunch; it felt… weird. I had fun tho. I can’t wait for Mimi to get back from Japan, I miss her too much, it’s weird not having her around.. Whatsapp is so quiet these days. :(

incase x andy warhol at a curious teepee

also spotted : the non-warhols, but still worth a snap shot.I cannot agree more.

I had a feeling I would run into someone, but obviously, I had no idea who that someone was until I actually met him/her. Mystery solved, I ran into Jon who is director of Cookpad at A Curious Teepee. Cookpad is a really nifty recipe go-to site. Go check it out if you need some kitchen inspiration, fool-proof instructions included.

Will share human photos from the event when I get them.

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