ben and i went to Cine on thursday evening for dinner… we’re making it a point starting this year to check out new food places so we can tell you (reading) about our food finds! and this time, it’s BURGER BENCH & BAR.

let me start off by saying i love the open “tuckshop” concept… great for people watching too :)

there you go, i sneaked a shot of the menu. the prices are really affordable, considering it’s located in town, plus the beef patties are AWESOME.

ben had the sarawak black pepper beef burger and i had the mushroom cheese burger.. definitely beats BK’s mushroom swiss hands down!


i’ll be glad to have a burger like that any day! plus, forget the boring old burgers and fries, here, it’s burgers and chips. and the chips are supposedly handmade! definitely adds a twist to the meal. ben said he’d order 2 servings of the chips and sneak them in for a movie.

what else can i say, good food leaves me speechless, and i can’t wait to go back for seconds!

. . .


8 Grange Road
#01-02 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Tel: +65 6737 9947


FAT BOY’S, set in the heart of the Thomson area, the place exudes a very cosy feeling… and it definitely stands out among the other eats along the same stretch.

the colors are kept simple, black and white. the furnishings are minimalist, but the wall art contributes to a photo opportunity you can’t pass on…

the menu?

expect to have stuff like peanut butter, bananas, or pineapples in your burger! if you’re totally mind boggled by their whacky burgers, you can opt to build your own, which i did!

this was a honey oat bun, with a skinny beef patty, cheese, salami and FAT BOY’S homemade bbq sauce. who said you can only put salami on pizzas? at FAT BOY’S, anything goes! plus, the beef patties are absolutely awesome. tender and moist, these melt in your mouth patties will not disappoint.

ps : the original FAT BASTERD comes with two beef patties instead of one!

to top it off, i had a yummy root beer float. i heard the milkshakes there are awesome too… i can’t wait to go back and try more items, i might skip the burgers on my next visit and go for the hot wings and sausages instead, i’ll definitely be needing a milkshake too! :)

. . .

to check out their menu and special promotions,

( click here to go to FAT BOY’S website )

FAT BOY’S is located at :

tuck in!

love, jean


SUPERDOG has been around for long enough, but ben and i just got down to giving it a shot with the other boys on friday…

the verdict?  it’s pretty good!

although the spicy italian bratwurst i had wasn’t spicy at all, the meat was good. and the portions are more “realistic” unlike Carl’s Jr, we actually managed to finish the chilli cheese fries. no more food wastage! :)

they have a whole range of pancakes on the menu for breakfast! banana walnut, chocolate chip or plain if that’s your cup of tea… i definitely want to try their breakfast some day!

click here to go check out what else is on the SUPERDOG menu!


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