a handful of customisations…

just managed to complete these rings for Yih Fang today!

first time trying out “gold glitter text” it turned out really well!

the purple is darker and more vibrant in real life. camera flash always messes up my colors. :(

familiar? Leonie wanted the bottlecap charm from “Every girl’s dream” bracelet to be a necklace… so… tada!

proudly modelled by Po :)

it actually looks pretty good on him, no? haha! next!

i did this a couple days ago… Eka is getting this for his friend’s 21st birthday. She’s an air stewardess you see, thus the jet setting theme! i sure hope she’ll like this! :)

a slightly “fuller bloom” than the original piece i sold on the website…

couple days ago i got suppppper excitied!

i got an order from Mavis in The Netherlands… and this is her chanel stash!

yupppp, thats what i’ve been up to, which is why you haven’t seen long posts in a while…

but expect to see new designs of vintage earstuds by next week!


Oui ou Non? – Pre-order

a touch of good old french charm…you’ll want to wear this piece everyday cos it compliments just about any outfit.

USA- imported antique sterling silver charms, charms measure 1.8cm, 18 inch long chain. charms may or may not have “scratches” due to their vintage condition.

…Oui ou Non? S$22

shipping not included.

please note that this piece will only be available end of november/early december.

all slots filled!

1. Leonie

2. Sui

3. Jessica

enjoy free shipping with the purchase of 2 or more necklaces or bracelets.

see store for full details!


Back on Track!

finally! it’s official!

i’m maintaining the website from my mac. it was a good decision to move, it publishes alot faster than it did on my PC… pphew! so bear with me this coming week as i try to update as quickly as i can! but for now, here’s what’s new!

3 new bracelets added

and 8 new necklaces!

don’t forget to check in store for year-end perks! i have to run now, time to spend time with the boy… i’ll be back!

have an awesome weekend everyone!

and don’t forget to bring along a brolly (umbrella that is) cos you never know when it’s gonna start pouring cats and dogs!

love, jean

don't let your favourites slip away!

need a chanel, dior or vivienne westwood fix?

Updated : 19th November 09

IMG_1905 IMG_1907

IMG_1908 oct09-chaneldangles

left : exclusive! vintage chanel bracelet II S$32

satin ribbon threaded through gold chains for that celebrity look!

adorned with vintage style charms, a gold chain tassel and a white flower chanel charm

(chanel flower charm is not authentic)

right : exclusive! chanel pearl drop earstuds S$16

tiny crystal studded chanel logos with pearl drops… logo measures 1.1cm across

please note manufacturing defect : there are 2 stones missing on one side, but becos the logos are so small, it’s hardly noticeable.

IMG_1785crop IMG_1785

*exclusive : vintage chanel bracelet S$32

satin ribbon threaded through gold chains for that celebrity look!

adorned with vintage style charms, a gold chain tassel and a black chanel logo charm

(chanel logo charm is not authentic)

IMG_1729 IMG_1640sq

left : the chanel half pearl bracelet (baby pink) S$25

previously sold out, now restocked and tweaked to fit tiny wrists!

right : chanel logo necklace (baby pink) S$22

18 inch silver chain

(chanel logo charms are not authentic)

IMG_1576 IMG_1740

*exclusive : absolutely luxurious S$29

gold-plated chain, 5 glass faux pearls, a little swallow, a chanel flower charm and a crystal flower charm make up this absolutely luxurious piece.

(chanel flower charm is not authentic)

IMG_1719 IMG_1730

left : dior pearl dangles S$16

only two pairs available. no restock.

right : dior bottlecap keyring S$16

hand drawn Dior logo, also available as a ring / necklace / bracelet upon request! prices will vary.

IMG_1486 IMG_1448

left : vivienne westwood charm bracelet S$22 (last piece)

please state length when ordering, option to change to lobster clasp available.

this is a better option if you’re really unsure about getting the right length with toggle clasps!

right : vivienne westwood ufo double necklace S$28

now S$25!

necklaces are 14 and 16 inches long, with a 2 inch extension

one last addition! i just remade this today!

photo on the left shows the first piece i made in July and wore in The Closet Lover’s Collection 17 which got snapped up pretty fast.

photo on the right is the piece that is up for grabs!


the zipper rose necklace S$49

hand-sewn with gold trim zippers, length approximately 17 inches with 3 inch extension.

don’t forget to check in store for ongoing promotions!


Jeanine Gabrielle : Year End Promotions!


i have personally hand-carved a couple of new rubber stamps for cards and gift tags, and you’ll be receiving these with your orders this year end!

November Perks :

♥ Spend S$20 to receive TWO random gift tags

♥ Spend S$50 to receive THREE random gift tags and ONE gift card

♥ Spend S$80 to receive THREE random gift tags and ONE gift card + $5 0ff voucher

+ surprise gift for orders above $100

terms and conditions apply

You can also purchase the gift cards and tags seperately! Details will be up soon :)


What's that bling on your ear?

they see something shiny, something dangly, they can’t figure out what exactly they are so they come closer to have a look…

they’re zipper studs!

IMG_3243 IMG_3239

add a dash of quirky fun to your get-up with this pair of zipper studs for just S$6!

price does not include shipping, only one pair in stock

love, jean

hello you :)

Photo 266

Photo 271desat

Photo 269

made that new bow headband today and i’m more than eager to show it off.

i think it’s uber cute, what do you think?

if you love it too, and want one of your own…


i’ll make you one for S$18!

i hand sew these bows, and they’re made of some sort of wool material. very prep school if you ask me! :)

Photo 135

ps : that’s not Po by the way… that’s Fluffy. :)

…35 days to POP!


a midweek dose of fun!

wednesday 1:53am update : the bracelets are up on jeaninegabrielle.com!

click here to go see (and grab)!

believe it or not, i actually made 6 new bracelets today! was having a major creative rush and tada! here’s what came out of it! :)

IMG_2926 IMG_2853 IMG_2867 IMG_2910 IMG_2896 IMG_2890

these are the “happy bracelets”!

they make you smile just by looking at them! i’ll probably put these up on the website by end of this week, including the prices… so stick around, and feel free to leave comments! in fact, please do leave comments! i’d love to know what everyone thinks of these! :)

love, jean

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