…i’m such a person.

if i see something i really really want, but can’t get it at that point, i will find a way to get it by hook or by crook.

so, we were at Butter last week and i saw this group of people with awesome animal hats, and then i spotted a panda one! i didn’t know that bunch so it’d be weird if i asked them, plus they were kinda… drunk, i think. so i told ben, but he was too busy to bother about my “i want that panda hat!”

so the next day i started looking for it online…. and guess what? my efforts paid off and i found the exact same one online! already ordered and paid for. i’m having it shipped to Audrey in CA tho cos shipping directly to singapore is gonna kill me.


ben wants to kill me for shopping so much too, but he did say “i’ll find it and buy for you, k?”

so…. hahaha he can’t kill me this time! …why would he anyway? the panda is soooo adorable! :P

on a seperate note, is anyone interested in purchasing BENEFIT COSMETICS? i’m ordering in from the USA cos it’s way cheaper than getting it in stores here. for example, CORALISTA, which is a cheek color retails for S$58 here and guess how much it is online?

USD$28 = S$39 (as of now)

see, singapore stores are ripping us off! it’s $19 more to get it instores here than online! it’s insane! for those who never knew about the price difference, well, now you do!

i’m gonna be ordering my stuff by this week so if anyone is interested, please leave a comment or email me with the items you want to get.

i’m gonna go back to abit more sewing now! the SPRING 2010 collection is looking pretty darn fab!

one more day to the weekend!

Beauty Book : Nail Art

two days ago, the nail art stamping kit that i ordered online finally arrived in the mail!

sadly, my first attempt at stamping hello kitty on my nails was an epic failure!

it’s really tough the first time… you need lots of practice to get it right. now i have a new found respect for manicurists!

but after a whole lot of trial and error, i finally managed to get something decent out of it…

far from perfect, but i’m happy cos i can say…

“i did my own nails!”

and i even did my toe nails in the reverse colors… i know, my skills need alot of polishing. hahaha i need a more steady hand!

although they recommend using special nail art polish, i used The Face Shop’s nail polish (the dark blue) and it works perfectly fine! and it’s only $2.90 a bottle, so i can really go crazy with colors once i’m better at this.

. . .

i haven’t been able to find these in Singapore so i imported a few extras!

if anyone wants to have a go at nail art stamping, i have two sets up for grabs at just $12 including regular mail.

. . .

sold! ( this is set 1 )

the designs include roses, daisies, butterfly and a puppy face!

sold! ( this is set two )

basically this set consists of florals!

both sets include one design plate, one stamp and one scrapper each.

. . .

this is the first time i’m blogging about something of this nature so i hope you girls will enjoy this post! and if there’s any interest, i’ll try to do a mini tutorial on this :)

love, jean

Beauty Book : Honey + Aspirin Mask

The honey aspirin mask has been around for a long time, but I only recently did some google searching to find out it’s benefits to share with everyone. It’s really simple, and all you need is a couple of non-coated aspirins and honey! This mask has been known to reduce pore size, clear up acne, fade acne scars, brighten and tighten skin, and make you glow, just to name a few.

Depending on which brand of aspirin you use, the cost will vary, but this mask is generally affordable for everyone. I used Bayer’s and they dissolve very easily. a little pricey though at $5.90 for 20 tablets. For honey, I bought a squeeze tube of Wescobee’s Australian honey. It’s $5.90 a bottle from Cold Storage, and smells really really yummy!

Please note : if you have an aspirin allergy, forget about trying this. Really, I’m not kidding. Although this mask benefits a majority of people, you might want to do a spot test just in case, people with dry or sensitive skin should be especially careful. For those who are “aspirin-tolerant”, here’s how :

1. Wash and dry your face

2. Put 2 or 3 aspirin tablets in the palm of your hand and drop 2 to 3 drops of water on each tablet.

(Don’t add too much water as it will become too runny. 2 to 3 drops is sufficient to dissolve the aspirin.)

4. Lightly crush the tablets to break up the big chunks

5. Once you’ve gotten the aspirin into powder form,

drop a couple of drops of honey on top and mix it with your fingers.

You should now have a mixture that looks something like this:

6. Apply the mask to your face, avoiding the eyes and lip area.

Leave on for 15-20 mins, then wash off and pat dry.

. . .

This mask can be applied once or twice a week, but no more than that as using it too much can dry up your skin.

Girls, if you try this please do leave me comments and let me know how it works for you! I hope to post a lot more beauty tips starting 2010, and you’re more than welcome to contribute your beauty secrets!

If you have something to share, leave me a comment or drop me an email at


Your contribution will be given due credit :)

Get glowing! — love, jean

Benefit… I love!

okay ignore the MAC, but i just bought my first Benefit Cosmetics and i am sold! I’m officially in love with the entire makeup line! i got “you’re bluffing” and “non fiction” and i want more!

“you’re bluffing” is a redness concealer, and it works like a charm! i even tried using it under the eyes to hide the dark circles, and i reckon it does quite a job too! plus, its so easy to blend. it’s a good bluff!

“non fiction” is a liquid foundation. i needed a darker shade cos i came back from manila a little browner, much to ben’s delight. yay for non fiction!

i want, i want! i must have!

dr. feelgood

an invisible mattifying balm!

get even

a pressed powder that hides shine and redness! a definite must buy when i’m done with my current MAC!


the perk-me-up powder! cos we all need that extra help looking good in the morning yes?


i’d call this the ultimate fake blush! it’s supposed to give your face the natural blush look!

Benefit’s products are priced a little on the high side. A liquid foundation costs about $60, which is about double or three times the normal brands like Maybelline and Loreal. A concealer costs about $50, so if you’re not used to the heavier price tags, it might take abit of convincing to make your first purchase.

but, take it from me. it’s worth every cent, especially with their whimsical packaging. it’s highly addictive!

i am eyeing every single thing that Benefit comes up with, but i will settle with these for now! -toooodles! :)

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