Weekend DIY : Cold Shoulder Tee

Some call it a cut-out shoulder, some call it a cold shoulder, whatever it is, this look is practically EVERYWHERE right now. Dresses, tops, sweaters. Which makes me wonder, if you wear a cold shoulder sweater, doesn’t that completely defeat the purpose of wearing a sweater in the first place? Just saying.

I didn’t work on a DIY project myself this weekend so here’s a very easy DIY idea from Love Aesthetics!


All you need is a fitting tee that you don’t mind cutting up. Decide how large you want your cut out to be and cut away!


And done! The thing with using tees is that you probably won’t have to hem it, most tee shirt materials are very “forgiving” in that sense, they hardly fray.


You don’t have to stick to fitted tees though, you could probably try this on slouchy sweat shirts, skater dresses, denim shirts (yes! denim shirts sounds fab!) Just get creative!

Anyone trying this anytime soon? :)

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