much ♥ from Maybelline!

These arrived for me yesterday afternoon, totally made my week! :)

And I’ll let you in on something… They didn’t just send me stuff for me alone, they also sent me stuff to share with you girls…. So make sure you stick around to find out what it is… I’ll be releasing details by next week! :)

Some new products that haven’t been released yet, The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara, Pure Minerals BB Mousse (YES MOUSSE!) and the Colorsensational range of lip colors. They also sent me lipbalms & an eyeshadow palette in perfect party hues!

Thanks Maybelline, totally loving the stash! *Swooooons

I absolutely love the pop art notebook for 2012, it’s soooooo purple & girly! Not sure if they’ll be retailing this but I’m totally saving it for the new year. See the pink polka dot pouch? I think that’s gonna be my new makeup pouch replacing Paul Frank, or perhaps I should save that for 2012 too… Hmmmmmmmmm

I’ll try out the products and you girls can expect more vanity posts soon-ish! For now tho, I have to go fill my rumbling tummy. Grrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrrrrr


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