some time ago, i stumbled on a blog that i fell in love with in a split second… http://sleepwalks9to5.livejournal.com

her style, her photos, her occassional food posts, i was inspired. and then i saw this knitted heart skirt that kept popping up in her posts and couldn’t help but fall in love with it. supposedly purchased from gmarket, i combed the entire site for 2 weeks but still failed to find something even close… :(

i gave up searching for it on gmarket and decided to make myself something similar instead. i did it over a span of two days, but the effort was well worth it. i’m a very happy bunny with my “upcycled” bodycon skirt, so i thought i’d do a little diy tutorial in case anyone else wants to have a go at it :)

1. starting with a plain bodycon skirt, i used foam hearts to gauge the position of where each heart should be stamped. (see, i really did this from scratch!)

2. all hearts aligned! (i know i missed out two when i took this photo)

3. i used a stack of foam hearts, glued them together to get a heart “stamp”. painted white fabric paint on the heart and stamped where each should be. it’s quite a tedious process cos i had to re-coat the stamp each time. you can’t just “ink” it like you would with a stamp pad cos fabric paint is thick and it might get messed up.

after i had stamped all the hearts, i had to individually paint a second coat. you could skip this if you’re happy with them looking quite faint. this was the part that took up the most time actually. i had to be very careful not to mess up the edges when i was filling them in. *phew*

4. all done! :)

so there, that’s what i got up to during the easter weekend cos i made a pact with myself to not go clubbing during holy week! i’m looking forward to hitting the dance floor again soon tho… i hope you girls enjoyed this little “tutorial”!

till my next post, which will be very soon (like later today), tooooodles!

♥ jean

7 Replies to “i♥u”

    1. hmmm.. that totally did not cross my mind!
      but it’d get messy, no? i mean depending on how large the stencil surface is the wet paint from previous hearts might get smudged all over… i’m sure there’s a way around that.. food for thought! i’ll keep that in mind for future projects! thanks for the idea :)

  1. No prob;) but getting it a lil messy cld be pretty cool too …. I tried it out on my shirt for peacock feathers… u cld try it out sometime :)

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