more salted caramel ♥-in'!

more photos from our food escapades! see that top scoop at the back? that’s the strawberry ice cream i mentioned in my previous post. no fancy food colors! told you! :P the rest is earl grey…


( mmmmmm… ice cream art? ) the ice cream melts pretty fast tho… that’s my only complain.

i love how they have all the “flavors” hanging on the wall. the cookies & cream one is particularly cute! when we were there on sunday i “re-noticed” the stout & chocolate flavour that i failed to take note of the first time we were there. stout & chocolate, seriously? i don’t even like stout to begin with but… if it has made it to an ice cream tub it might be worth a taste the next time around… i’m still very skeptical.

for more on salted caramel, please read ed’s review on cinnamonsin :)

mimi, jones, & me!

( me in my duo front frills maxi from Faire Belle )

don’t forget to quote “JEANINE” when ordering to enjoy $2 off at Faire Belle! they just launched collection #70 last night & the pieces are lovely! i particularly love the orange chiffon maxi! by the way, if you girls missed the promo deets two posts ago, click here! ——>>> Faire Belle Promo

♥ jean

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