♥ the fuzzy wuzzies!

i said i was gonna have the fuzzy wuzzies page up, and well, here it is!

not sure if any of you are familiar with needle felting tho, it’s quite a tedious process that involves “stabbing” wool with a special needle until the desired shape forms. (am i making any sense?)

( the fuzzy wuzzies )

this is just a quarter of what i’ve put up on the page. some are already sold cos i previously had them on the ring page, but i still want everyone to meet the entire fuzzy wuzzy family! i basically just moved them to their own little space, and gave them more friends! :)

right now i only have them on rings, but in due time i hope to add more variations. it probably will take awhile cos making one piece takes awhile, so bear with me please :)

it’s 135am now and i am ready to crash. i made new earstuds & rings earlier so hopefully i’ll have time to do photos and upload them before i head out for dinner with the bunch of mentally corrupted foodies. don’t go too far!

♥ jean

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