the weekend ♥

i don’t quite remember why i ended up staying home on friday but i did… so, my weekend only really begun on saturday. was supposed to meet jones for dinner at like 8 but i only got there at like… 9? hahahah don’t ask!

we had dinner at watami at raffles city, that’s the first time at watami for us both. welllllllllll… the “starters” were promising, the tuna sashimi was yummy…

but when it came to the ramen… i looked at it and the first thing i said was “what egg is this!” on the whole it didn’t taste that bad, it was actually okay, but the egg really spoiled it. for one, it was a hard boiled egg, to make things worse it was an OVERBOILED hardboiled egg. seriously watami, why? i expected better…  :(

that said, does anyone know of any good ramen places? i am in serious need of a ramen redemption.

anyhooooos, after that we scooted off to butter, but not before popping into Overeasy for a strawberry milkshake. can’t figure out why mimi likes it so much tho, i think the strawberry milkshake i get from the bubble tea shop makes me happier. and for the price of a milkshake at OE, i could get 5 from the bubble tea shop! never again…

we wanted to go to butter to check out the changes and new additions! everyone was telling me so much about it i just had to go see for myself! bump vip is sooo much bigger now, i’d say it’s almost double what it was before which is awesome… there’s a mini bus in fash that houses tables and sofas! (seriously how cool is that?) they’ve also pimped up the room with a podium and a stripper pole. not meant for stripping tho, i just had to use that term :P

i loveee this photo that jones took of mimi and i. (and no i don’t have a holga/lomo, i used photo effects on these) for once my bangs look… nice? it really has a mind of it’s own and splits when it feels like it without me realising.

Q is jealous cos he didn’t get kissiessssss!

this is probably what your vision will be like if you’re drunk. haha these photo effects are highly addictive! (holga art)

once you start you can’t stop… i did a lomo effect on this photo of ed and i. his friends are saying he looks old, and he’s blaming my lousy photo editting. haha (and i thought i had tiny eyes…) my friend jeremy said my bangs make me look like a hippie. is hippie good or bad? :/

( thanks ritz for the photo! )

after hours of walking and jumping and trying to shuffle in heels, i surrendered. i’m not wearing any heels or covered shoes even until friday, at least. until now the soles of my feet hurt and my toes/toe nails feel as if they might fall off :(

but sunday was good! i didn’t really spend much time with ed at butter on saturday cos i thought it’d be better to leave him to have fun with his bunch of friends, so i stuck with jones, mimi, hilton, Q, eugene, jeremy and a couple of others. i think i went crazy at 3 in the morning. but then again, not like clubs are conducive for spending time anyways, right?

okay back to sunday, i thought it was gonna be same old… sleep in, hopefully wake up without a hangover, have lunch, bum around, go to church… well, not until i suddenly had plans! went down to town after mass to meet ed for dinns.. and apparently they already bought tickets to catch Sanctum!

it was a pretty good show, somehow ed managed to predict almost everything that was gonna happen.. told him he should go write movie scripts! i won’t spoil the storyline for those of you intending to catch it, just know that it can get a little bit disturbing at some points so if DEATHS don’t sit well with you, you might want to consider catching a flick like Rango, Hop or Morning Glory instead..

and that, was my weekend in a blog post. i don’t think i can blog anymore today after spending hours on the topshop post below. yes i spent hours on it, so i hope you girls find it insightful, please feel free to comment! i love hearing from all of you :)

♥ jean


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