this would be my second time in JUICE! such a happy bunny! the first time was for Cirque Berserk  during Halloween last year. this time it’s for Fash Mob which I did in January, also at The Butter Factory. which I still have yet to blog about! I’m terrible I know… but i’ll try to do it soon-ish. promise!

…can you find me in these photos? i’m in two shots!

thanks to all my friends who came down to lend their support. so much loveeeeee i get from them. thanks vincent for all the great shots that night. there are photos on stomp.sg too! always good to see my hard work pay off. 2011 seems to be pretty promising!

anyhoos, it’s 330 in the morning and i’m still updating the site (particularly the rings page). i might fall asleep on the job so… goodnighttttt!

♥ jean

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