gosh, it seems like just yesterday i was prancing around in an outfit made up of shuttlecocks… which reminds me, i have yet to blog about my first ever halloween! anyhoos, first things first.

Samantha, here are photos of your custom orders! =)

…Cos Zizie ♥s pandas like me!

this design is quite the hottie. the original one had “eat me” or “drink me” written on the heart… think alice in wonderland…

( you can see them here )

this filigree ring is customisable at just $14. more color combinations are available upon request so just ask! =)

this funny MoUSTACHE ring was customised for justine =)

however, i do have plans to make this available for sale at $8 each. =)

So I had a little “accident” yesterday evening… I was itching to needle-felt cos I haven’t needle-felted anything in awhile. But like 2 minutes into it, I stabbed the barbed needle right through my FINGER NAIL, and into my finger. Can’t really see clearly from the photo tho cos my nails are like hot pink with teal polka dots. Yeaaa i thought my nails were really cool until this happened. =(

hope this doesn’t gross everyone out too much… it hurt really bad for about an hour. when i got the needle out my head was spinning like crazy! Could have hit some nerve in my finger cos it definitely felt like the worst needle stab EVER! I’ve been getting nagged at for not being careful and for being accident prone. It’s just me, really. :/

yup… and since i painted my nails pink and teal, i’ve been hopelessly obsessed with the two colors… soooo, expect lots of new accessories that revolve around that theme! Laterrrssss! =)

♥ jean

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