♥ pandas?

i’ve got new ones! THREE OF THEM!

actually make that four including the baby. oh wait noooo five! i got a coin purse too, couldn’t resist. too cute!

ben bought me the really HUGE one. he calls it balloon, cos really, he does look like an inflated panda balloon!

the one on the far right is actually a bag, not that i’m going to use it, i can barely fit my phone in there, which gives me a good idea… i can use it as a phone holder on my bed! now i won’t have to scamper and search for my phone in the morning when the alarm goes off! :P

i haven’t really told anyone, but i’ve been trying something new over the past few days… needle felting! it’s not exactly the easiest of crafts, and you really need to focus otherwise you’ll end up pricking yourself with the needle constantly. (Which i have suffered) but the outcome is well worth the multiple pricks! :)

yup, he’s that tiny! not bad for a beginner? *grins*

anyhoos, i’ve made quite a few critters so far, and i’ve put 2 of them on rings…

they’ll be up for sale soon! (once i figure out how much they should sell for)

if you’re interested to take them home, feel free to drop me an email/comment, they’re looking for someone who’ll love them and shower them with lotsa love! :)

love, jean

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