…♥ agnès b.

went to the airport earlier to send aunty yvonne off… she’s gone back to sydney. i feel kinda bad actually, i didn’t spend very much time with her during her trip back here… oh well. maybe i should pop by sydney soon. lol

anyhoos, on a more positive note… guess what came in the mail for me today?

it’s my agnès b. spring summer collection tote! directly from japan! it’s like sold out in singapore, and they finally did one in a size big enough that i would use so i just had to get it. definitely more expensive than what i would have paid for it at kino but, oh well… i’ve got it now!

i think Mio ( the seller ) still has one or more of these left, if you’re interested to grab one too, try checking out her store :

nyanko neko

if you need help cos you don’t have an ebay account or a credit card, feel free to shout for help.. :)

love, jean

2 Replies to “…♥ agnès b.”

  1. You shouldnt have shared. Now everyone who reads your blog will have the same bag as you. Then they spread to their friends. Their friends will have the same bag.

    Now it has become a common bag. Just like the Topshop shopper.

    Girls who own this bag would hate you for spreading the word.

    My advice? Take it down, honey.

    1. well, that’s not necessarily true.
      it’s not exactly an easy bag to get if you want the real thing and not fakes. japan only produces a limited number of bags for distribution each time. and as of now, there aren’t very many left circulating, it’s practically sold out everywhere, so if someone has tons of it, it might just be a fake. the real ones should only come direct from japan now, unless someone is selling it off second hand.

      honestly, i’m all about sharing the good stuff, i don’t mind other girls having the same bag. there’s nothing wrong with that really! i’m not the selfish sort :)

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