♥ Friday!

this came in from Design for Mankind today…


if you haven’t already read from my “tweets”, ben booked out way early today cos… well, accidents happen even in camp!

Picture 21

he’s got 4 stitches on his finger…

apparently, they were doing area cleaning in the bunk. they lifted the mattress, and the mattress hit the light bulb and it blew, breaking into two. and ben, in an attempt to shield himself put his hands over his head and his finger got cut by the falling broken light bulb.


did i mention i got new panda charms added on to my phone? lol.


hahaha i love the new additions… they’re so adorable!

and i made these today too :)

IMG_2427 IMG_2436

the vintage gold earstuds are so so chanel! and the “watch” on the right? well, it’s a bottlecap ring!

did someone call for a vintage fix?

no idea what ben and i are gonna do on saturday… we’re not quite in the halloween mood especially with his finger like that… i just want a big big HUG!


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