ebay is ♥

it’s really amazing what you can find on ebay sometimes…


cost me USD$49.90 for the sneakers alone. here comes the OUCH FACTOR. the shipping cost me another USD$29.99…

but but i’m glad i finally managed to get at least one of the many pairs of sneakers that i was eyeing. i give up on FINISHLINE.com! cos they refuse to ship international, i thought i’d ship to a friend in the US and get her to ship it to me, but guess what? THEY DON’T EVEN TAKE NON-USA issued credit cards! so now i have like over $400 of “pending transactions” waiting to be dropped back into my bank account.

harajukunottinhilltoteand just awhile ago i snagged another fab deal on ebay!


but then again, the shipping is another USD$9.99… but it still comes up to just over S$30? for a HARAJUKU LOVERS tote, i say not bad at all! now i just can’t wait to get my paws on all my stuff… i’m still waiting for my pvc leggings to arrive! i got a total of  pairs of the same thing!


celebrity inspiration much?

3 Replies to “ebay is ♥”

  1. vfrois : thank you! hahaha my hairdresser?
    urrmmm well, the last time i cut my hair was quite a long while back!
    i don’t have a specific place i go to do my hair… but usually, my mum cuts my hair for me unless i want a certain style : )

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